Aquatop PF40-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization

Aquatop PF40-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization

Aquatop PF40-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization 

Aquatop is the only company that produces UV over the back filtration.

This Aquatop hang on filter aquarium comes with U.V. lights for a better water disinfection, with a self- adjustable screen for impurities and water filtration media that can be replaced. The flow rate of this model can be modified. This Aquatop UV Hang-On Filter is a good option for saltwater fish aquarium and it’s also a good freshwater aquarium filtration.

This fish aquarium filter comes supplied with a mechanical and chemical filtration. However this filter does not have a biological filtration system that’s why some people say that you will need an additional filter which has one preferable a canister filter.

This model filter that seems to be the complicated by describing its functions is however easy to install and has a multitude of features necessary for any aquarium that should be clean and sanitized. The system filter has a filter capacity of filtering about 128 gallons of water per hour and is suitable for aquariums that are up to 40 gallons. Skimmer filter offers the possibility of cleaning water from surface and provides a necessary gas exchange.

This hang on back filter due to its UV Sterilizer function will dispose of undesirable algae blooms, keeping a perfect environment and a crystal clear water for your aquarium life forms to enjoy.

This Aquatop UV filter is great, it will keep your water crystal clear, and it easy to setup. Also it’s easy to clean the filter.


Pros: 1. Unique UV Sterilization System

         2.Keeps the water crystal clear

  1. Silent

Cons: 1. It does not have biological filtration

Check out the Aquatop PF40-UV Hang-On Filter with UV Sterilization here

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