Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Review


Aqueon Quiet Flow

QuietFlow Filter Review

Aqueon is one of the best companies that produce aquarium filters and other related products. This particular filter, Aqueon QuietFlow is one of the best fish tank filters there is today in the market.

It has 4 stages of filtration, wet-dry, chemical, biological and mechanical for a clean, clear and a healthy water. Due to its higher flow rates this fish tank filter dissolves oxygen better for a healthy ecosystem.

Here are the 4 stages of this advanced filtration system:

In the first stage the filtration system removes debris and particles, stage two consists in removing the odors and discoloration, in stage three the patented Bio-Holster eliminates nitrites and toxic ammonia, finally in stage four comes the diffuser grid which eliminates other toxins and pumps oxygen for more active fish. It also makes the return very quiet.

It is not very difficult or complicated to put the parts together. In about one or two minutes you will have your filter ready to run. Once you will plug it in you’ll notice that this fish tank filter will auto-prime and be ready to start filtering the water. Due to its self – priming you do not have to pour water in the filter to get the filter to work and move the water flow. In about one hour the water will be crystal clear.

This Aqueon filter does a great job in picking out any particles in the fish tank. If the cover is not quite on straight, makes a loud vibration noise, then you have to adjust it properly. Another great feature of this aquarium filter is that it has lots of room for media.

Unlike other fish tank filters that have their pump out of the water, this one has its pump which sits in the tank right above the intake tube. This means that if the power goes out the filter will start as soon as the power comes back. You can slide the intake tube due to its adjustable feature.

This aquarium filter is not as quiet (you can hear the motor only if you get close to it) as the smaller models but it clears a great deal of water at a fast rate.

Cleaning part is very easy because all the parts are plastic. All the parts of this Aqueon QuietFlow filter, including the propeller and the intake tube, can be removed and clean or wash when is necessary.

Some people say that this is the best HOB filter, compared with Marineland and AquaClear filters this fish tank filter is the best/quietest because of its impeller placed in the water. Hope this review of aqueon filter will help you to find the perfect aquarium filter that fits your needs.

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