Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Filter AT10 [REVIEW]

Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Filter AT10 Review

Aqueon quietflow internal filter or Aqueon model at10,  this Aqueon Quiet Flow internal filter also called aqueon at10 is one of the top internal filters. This Aqueon quietflow internal power filter works great with tanks that are up to 10 gallon. It has a flow rate of 57 gallons per hour and it has a small replacement cartridge. It has a three stage filtration system, biological, chemical and mechanical

This aqueon quietflow at10 internal filter  is fully submersible and can be place in vertical or horizontal position. Being this small you will have a lot of room in the aquarium to put your own media. This is a great aqueon quiet flow internal filter for small fish tank, it is very quiet (you won’t hear even a hum from this one) easy to setup, it will take you minutes to make it start.

Some users say that their aqueon quietflow at10 filter stops and doesn’t work after they prime it (this is not a problem). If this aqueon internal filter is placed horizontally in your tank and stops you need to put it in vertical position and prime it and then you can place it to its previous position. Another issue that users have encountered with aqueon quietflow internal filter it’s how to adjust the flow rate. In fact all you have to do is identify a tab under the nozzle and press firmly to keep it in position. After this operation, tab will move independently from jet and then you’ll hear a click. When this operation is finished, then the water flow was adjusted.

Overall this Aqueon Quietflow filter is one of the best small fish tank filter that exists in the market, it is quiet , easy to setup and maintain, easy to clean.

Pro’s and Con’s about Aqueon® quietflow internal power filter

Aqueon filter review


Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Filter


  1. Aqueon filter adjust flow
  2. Very cheap
  3. Easy setup
  4. Low Maintenance


  • Unexperienced user had problems with it when it comes to adjust its water flow

Guide and Instructions – Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Filter AT10


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