Finnex Pure-5 Power Aquarium Filter

Finnex Pure-5 Power Aquarium Filter

Finnex Pure-5 Power Aquarium Filter

If you are looking for a small aquarium filter system then check out this one. The Finnex Pure-5 Power Aquarium Filter works great for both saltwater and freshwater fish tanks. It filters around 30 gallons per hour that you can adjust it and includes one pack of Filter Cartridge.

It has a 3 stage filtration system, mechanical, biological and chemical. Its sponge and carbon cartridge helps it to keep the water crystal clear. It can easily trap all the debris from the fish tank because of its filter cartridge filters that feature media floss.

This HOB filter comes with a knob to adjust the water flow, full removable water intake tube, a sponge and also comes with a filter cartridge which has activated carbon. Unlike any other small fish tank filters this one has a great option to it which is its adjustable water flow. If you have only a betta in your tank it is recommended that you turn the water flow low enough to keep the fish happy. Its motor is located at the bottom and is very quiet. Easy to clean and maintain because this fish tank power filter completely transparent and you will be able to see when it needs to be cleaned. Also it is easy to setup.

This filter is recommended for small aquariums. It can be too small for aquariums that exceed 10 gallons or too big for aquariums that are very small. One of the best aquarium filter for small fish tanks this one is best suited for aquariums that are from 3 gallons to 6 or 7 gallons, however some people say that it does a great job on a 10 gallon fish tank.

Overall, this is a great small fish tank filter for small aquariums. It is very easy to setup and maintain has a great price and keeps a healthy environment in your aquarium for your fish to enjoy.

Pros: 1. Easy to setup

          2.Keeps the water crystal clear

          3.Great Price

Cons: 1. Its spare parts are hard to find


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