Marineland Penguin Power Filter, 50 to 70-Gallon, 350 GPH

Marineland Penguin Power Filter, 50 to 70-Gallon, 350 GPH


Marineland Penguin Power Filter Review


Marineland filters are well known for being some of the best aquarium filters in the market and it is common knowledge that marineland fish filters are exceptionally durable. Their filters can keep on working several years compared to other filters that exist. In this post we will review the marineland penguin filter. I highly recommend that you read this marineland filter review.


This filter is good for beginners too because it comes in four different sizes (from 20 to 70 gallons).

Its flow rate is 350GPH which is ideal for all fish tanks that are up to 70 gallons. It comes with two Rite-Size C filter cartridges. This marineland filter has a vast and an easily personalized interior. This grants adding numerous filter add-ons, filter floss and bio-balls in order to boost the water quality of any fish tank. Due to its Rite Size cartridges this filter cleans in minutes the fish leftovers and waste particles.

Like any other Marineland products this filter comes with a three stage filtration system, biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. All the fish tank owners have said that they are pleased that its Bio-Wheel comes with a noise reducing cover. The bio wheels also help in polishing the water.

The beneficial bacteria that are needed for biological filtration are grown by the bio wheel best known in removing toxic ammonia and nitrates. However some people complain about its noise and that’s because they do not know how this hang-out filter has to be setup properly. First the tube has to be seated correctly on the propeller and then the water in the tank needs to be almost full in order for it to touch the bottom of the reservoir flow. That’s how you want to handle this filter.

One of its main advantages is that in the long run it remains far quieter than its “opponents”. While it is not common for a filter to be quiet for the first time, the Marineland penguin filter maintains its quietness over a long period of years.

To set up this filter is very easy, you only have to use the instructions in the manual provided by the company and you will be ready to hang your fish filter onto the back of your aquarium. By using the mid-level strainer you can simply adjust its water flow.

You have to make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions or it will get really grisly quickly. A toothbrush and a bottle brush are the best and inexpensive items that you can use to clean this filter up.

Overall this canister filter really does his job, just like I said above, it is easy to maintain, clean, very quiet unlike other filters and it is perfect for inexperienced aquarists

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