Fluval C Series Power Filter, Clip-On Aquarium Filter

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Power filter featuring 5 stages of filtration for aquariums between 40 to 70 gallons
Filters 264 gallons per hour
Equipped with cleaning indicator for when the polyfoam needs to be rinsed

Product Description

Style:C4 | Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

Product description

14003 Size: C4 (Between 40 and 70 gallons) Features: -Power filter. -5 stages of filtration: 2 mechanical, 1 chemical and 2 biological stages for top performance. -Equipped with Poly/Foam, Activated Carbon, C-nodes and drip tray pad. -Biological filtration is super charged for fast and efficient nitrification. Filter Type: -Power. Filter Placement: -External. Generic Dimensions: -C2 Pounds Weight: 1.92 lbs. -C2 Pounds 8” H x 6” W x 4.5” D. -C3 Pounds Weight: 2.16 lbs. -C3 Pounds 8” H x 7” W x 4.5” D.


06 Series Fluval C Power Filters

Fluval C Series Power Filter

Maximum Versatility and Premium Performance

Engineered to create superior water quality, the Fluval C Power Filter provides extensive 5-stage filtration for outstanding results. The Power Filter is designed to provide maximum surface area and optimum dwell times in all stages of the filtration process.

New 5 Stage Filtration System

Stage 1 & 2: Mechanical- Poly/Foam Pad Effective mechanical filtration is essential for efficient chemical and biological filtration. The large surface area of the Poly/Foam pad effectively performs two stages of Mechanical filtration. The first stage of porous foam traps large particles and the second stage of dense polyester captures fine debris.

Stage 3: Chemical- Activated Carbon Insert The Fluval Activated Carbon Filter Insert contains 100% premium research grade carbon, which provides large amounts of surface area for adsorption of undesirable impurities. The activated carbon filter insert removes unwanted odors, discoloration and impurities, resulting in a crystal clear aquarium.

Stage 4: Biological-Bio-Screen An additional hydraulic circuit conveys part of the intake water to the Bio-Screen placed at the top of the Trickle Chamber cover. Fluval’s Bio-Screen removes any debris before dripping into the biological chamber. It also ensures that the water pumped to the Trickle Chamber is evenly spread through all areas before it drips on the C-Nodes, which are contained in the chamber. The motion of water dropping slowly through the grids mimics the rain.

Stage 5: Biological- C-Nodes The surface of the C-Nodes is made up of a complex pore system that provides optimal living space for beneficial bacteria to thrive and enhance the removal of ammonia and nitrites. The new “Star Shape” provides a higher filtration surface and more biological power than a traditional cartridge, resulting in a healthy aquarium environment.

Patented Refiltration System

Sometimes delicate fish and plants require a more gentle water flow. Fluvals’ patented re-filtration system allows you to control the flow rate without compromising filtration efficiency. When the flow rate is reduced, up to 50% of the water within the filter chamber is re-processed multiple times. More impurities are filtered out, creating a healthier tank with sparkling clean and clear water

What’s In The Box?

1. Filter Cover 2. Filter Case 3. Leveling Device 4. C-Nodes 5. “U” Tube 6. Telescopic Intake Tube 7. Bio-Screen 8. Mechanical Frame 9. Chemical Basket 10. Impeller Cover Assembly 11. Impeller 12. Biological Trickle Chamber with Cover 13. Poly/Foam Pad 14. Activated Carbon 15. Motor Unit with Seal Ring

Media and Accessories

Media Replacement

Fluval Poly/Foam: Replace poly/foam every 4-6 weeks.

Biological C-Nodes: Replace half the quantity every 6 months. Never replace all c-nodes at once.

Activated Carbon Insert: Replace Activated Carbon every 2-4 weeks.

Bio-Screen: Replace Bio Screen every 2-3 months.

Motor O-Ring: Replace once a year to prevent leaking.

Power Filter Maintenance

For optimal performance it is recommended to clean the impeller cover assembly once a year. The motor should be thoroughly cleaned every three months. Always unplug the Fluval C Power Filter prior to cleaning. Remove cover, filter media and discard water remaining in the filter case. Thoroughly rinse collected debris from the case, impeller cover and impeller assembly using clear lukewarm water. The intake “U” tube and extension tube can be cleaned with a filter stem brush to remove any buildup of deposits. When all parts have been cleaned and thoroughly rinsed, reassemble filter and replace any scheduled media. Install the filter once again back on the aquarium making sure that the filter is tipped slightly forward. Then fill the Fluval C filter box with aquarium water. Finally plug the filter into an electrical outlet and the Fluval C Power Filter will self-prime and begin running in a few seconds.


Fluval C2 Power Filter

Fluval C3 Power Filter

Fluval C4 Power Filter

Aquarium Capacity 10 to 30 US Gallons 20 to 50 US Gallons 40 to 70 US Gallons
Dimensions 4.5 x 6 x 8 inches 4.5 x 7 x 8 inches 6 x 8.2 x 8.5 inches
Stages 5-stage filtration 5-stage filtration 5-stage filtration
Max Flow Rate 119 US Gal/H 153 US Gal/H 264 US Gal/H

Fluval C Filtration/Media
Fluval Poly Foam Pad – 3-Pack

The Fluval C Poly Foam Pad Replacement Media, 3-pack, has two sides that combine to provide thorough and effective mechanical filtration. The Fluval C Poly Foam captures large particles of debris on it porous foam side, while the polyester side filters out finer debris and contaminants.

Fluval Bio-Screen – 3-Pack

The Fluval C Bio-Screen Replacement Media provides massive biological surface area for friendly bacteria to colonize. It also works to block debris and evenly distribute the water flow before it drips into the Power Filter’s biological trickle chamber.

Fluval Carbon – 3-Pack

The Fluval C Activated Carbon Replacement Media, 3-pack, is capable of adsorbing most liquefied impurities and dyes present in aquarium water. The carbon works to remove odors and discoloration from your tank. Fluval C Activated Carbon is suitable for freshwater or marine aquariums, but was exclusively designed for the Fluval C Power Filter.

Fluval Zeo-Carb – 3-Pack

The Fluval C Zeo-Carb Filter Insert combines ammonia removal with ultra-grade carbon purification. Working together, these highly effective media eliminate liquefied impurities, odors and discoloration, while simultaneously removing toxic ammonia, for a clean, healthy aquarium.

Fluval Ammonia Remover – 3-Pack

The Fluval C Ammonia Remover Media, 2-pack, is ideal for new or heavily populated freshwater aquariums. It removes and controls harmful ammonia and nitrite, which helps reduce stress on fish. Use this product to provide a healthy environment when setting up a new aquarium or maintaining one that contains a high fish stock.

Fluval C-Nodes

luval C-Nodes feature a complex pore system where beneficial bacterial will thrive. Their star shapes provide a higher filtration surface and more biological power than most biological media, resulting in a healthy aquarium environment. The Fluval C-Nodes are for use with the Fluval C Power Filters.

Fluval Water Care

Aquarium supplements and conditioners are a convenient way to create water conditions that mimics those found in nature; they make water safe for aquarium use by removing harmful toxins, help plants grow by providing them the necessary trace elements and are an easy way to maintain water quality in a tank by removing waste and adding beneficial bacteria to the environment. Developed by our dedicated team of specialists and manufactured in Canada at our state-of-the-art liquids facility, new Fluval water treatments are scientifically formulated to produce clean, clear and safe living conditions for aquarium fish and plants.

Hagen Fluval Water Conditioner for Aquariums

Fluval Water Conditioner is highly efficient comprehensive water conditioner that makes tap water safe for fish by removing chlorine and chloramines and neutralizing toxic heavy metals. Fluval Water Conditioner features a patented stress relief formula and is also effective at protecting scales and fins and preventing the inflammation.

Hagen Fluval Biological Enhancer for Aquariums

Fluval Biological Enhancer is a responsive biological aquarium supplement that ensures that all aquariums are immediately inoculated with a powerful team of beneficial bacteria, providing a safe biological habitat for your fish. These highly effective micro-organisms will create a biological flora that quickly metabolizes lethal ammonia and nitrite.

Hagen Fluval Biological Cleaner for Aquariums

Fluval Biological Cleaner helps reduce aquarium maintenance by helping to reduce waste in gravel, power filters, decoration and on interior aquarium surfaces. Fluval Biological Cleaner rapidly reduces organic waste from overfeeding, fish waste, and other decaying material such as plant leaves.

Hagen Fluval Plant Micro Nutrient for Aquariums

Fluval Plant Micro Nutrients is a balanced supplement essential for healthy, vibrant aquarium plants. Tap water is often devoid of necessary trace elements required by aquatic plants and plants rapidly deplete available micro-nutrients, regular supplementation is necessary.

Fluval Quick Clear for Aquarium Water Treatment

Fluval Quick Clear effectively helps eliminate undesirable particles that cause cloudy aquarium water, such as suspended organic and inorganic particles, dirt, slit and fine sand. Its special formulation clumps together particulate waste by ionic attraction, vastly enhancing filtration absorption and creating crystal clear water.

Fluval Clarify Bio for Aquarium Water Treatment

Fluval Bio Clear contains fast-acting enzymes that naturally clarify cloudy aquarium water. Its biological formulation effectively clears cloudy water by rapidly consuming free floating organic food sources, proteins and other organic elements. Bio Clear is recommended for clarifying cloudy water caused by new tank syndrome.

Power filter featuring 5 stages of filtration for aquariums between 40 to 70 gallons
Filters 264 gallons per hour
Equipped with cleaning indicator for when the polyfoam needs to be rinsed
Clip on filter; Quick and easy maintenance
Helps provide a stress-free environment; Works to maintain refreshing crisp water

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