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Fluval C Power Filter Review

Fluval C Power Filter

Fluval C4 Power Filter Review

Better used for aquariums that are between 40 to 70 gallons. It can be used for aquariums with freshwater or seawater.

This fluval aquarium power filter features five stages of filtration: 2 biological, 1 chemical, and 2 mechanical stages for a much better performance. The advantage of its 5 stage filtration is that it produces clear, clean and healthy water for your aquarium’s environment.

Its 2 staged mechanical feature completely traps all the debris and the foam can be very easily removed and cleaned. The carbon, once activated performs thorough chemical filtration and completely removes the toxins in your fish tank. The bio-screen pad gives a massive biological area for friendly bacteria to colonize. Another great feature of this aquarium filter is its modular design that allows you to manage each stage personally and make changes at different times to maintain a stable biological activity for a stress-free environment.

This fluval aquarium power filter is very well compartmentalized for each filter medium which gives you the liberty to pull out the filter section and carbon section, bio stars or bio-screen without affecting the other three.

Compared to other Hob filters that have a dead space which cannot be used for any filtration this fish filter uses all the space available in the filter box.

Overall Fluval C4 Power Filter is one of the best power filters on the market. It is solidly built and very quiet you won’t hear a thing when the water re-enters the tank if the water level is high enough.

Allows simple adjustment of water flow, it has an exceptional mechanic filtration, a vast area for chemical filtration and has wet dry filter section which is perfect for biological filtration. The wet dry section is filled with ceramic stars.

The mechanical filter is very easy to clean, and you will find out that the replacement cartridges are very cheap.

We hope that this Fluval C4 Power Filter Review helped you in making a decision.

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Power Filters reviews

Aqueon 06080 QuietFlow 10 Power Filter, 100GPH

Aqueon 06080 QuietFlow 10 Power Filter, 100GPH

Aqueon 06080 QuietFlow 10 Power Filter, 100GPH

Aqueon is well known for its water filters for fish tanks, its filter poses a 4 stage filtration system in order to keep the water crystal clear and healthy. Due to its higher flow rates the fish become more healthy and active. This aquarium filter system consists in four stages making it very useful in eliminating all the debris from a fish tank and also will annihilate all the harmful substances in order to maintain a healthy environment for an aquarium.

This 20 gallon fish tank filter system has a 4 stage filtration system: biological filtration, chemical filtration, mechanical filtration and a stationary wet/dry filtration. It’s for stage filtration manifests in this way: first the dense floss removes all the debris and then the particles after that operation is done comes the stage in which the activated carbon removes odors, toxins and discoloration. The third stage consists in removing toxic ammonia and nitrates. And finally the fourth stage removes the additional toxins and ads oxygen for a more healthy environment.

It comes with an internal pump whose design is capable to keep the filtration system quiet. Also the pump eliminates leaks, starts on its own after cleaning or if the power comes off.

Unlike other aquarium filter brands this aquarium internal filter comes with another great feature which is its higher flow rates allowing it to oxygenate and purify the water much quicker. Also you may find it useful that this small fish tank filter will auto-start and that it has a self-priming function. Note: the water level has to be above the bottom of the filter to operate properly.

This fish tank water filter has enough features which enables it to be one of the top fish tank filters that exist in the market today. It has a lifetime warranty which is a great thing, one of the best filtration system for aquarium and has a patented BIO-HOLSTER that keeps the water clean from toxic ammonia and nitrates.

If you are in need of big aquarium filters you can also check bigger versions of the Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filter. Hope you enjoyed our Aqueon QuietFlow review.

Pros: 1.Powerfull Filtration System

          2.Low Price

          3.Very quiet

Cons: 1.Some people complain about its design

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