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Penn Plax Cascade 300 GPH Power Filter REVIEW

Penn Plax Cascade 300 GPH Power Filter

If you are interested in finding hang on filters for fish tanks check out this Penn Plax Cascade Power Filter Review.

This fish tank filter has the capability to filter 300 gallons per hour. Its revolutionary Bio-Falls Quad-Filtration system removes nitrates and additional ammonia from your fish tank. Its first stage of filtration consists in trapping the floating particulate mater. Second stage consists in removing toxins, chemicals, odors and other unwanted contamination’s. While removing the ammonia and nitrates in its third stage of the process the internal sponge helps to colonize the beneficial bacteria. In order to obtain a maximum oxygenation of water in this four stage of the filtration process the External Bio-Falls wet/dry biological booster implements additional ammonia and nitrate removal.

This hang on filter has a modifiable flow control knob in order to reduce the filtration during feeding your pets or when you need to lower or rise the water flow.

It’s a good freshwater aquarium filtration system and also it works just as fine for saltwater aquarium filtration. Its motor is very quiet and will not require any maintenance. At first it will be loud until the water will reach the top, after that process is done you will not hear a thing. It is very easy to assemble and does a great job in keeping the water crystal clear. Due to its adjustable flow control you will notice that your pets will be more happy and healthy.

Overall this Penn Plax Cascade hang-on power filter 300 does its job great, it is easy to setup, easy to maintain and has a great feature which is the Bio-Falls Quad-Filtration resulting in a happy and healthy environment that will keep your fish tank and your fish in great condition.Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Power Aquarium Filter


  • Cheap, Great Price, ON SALE
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to setup
  • Quiet


  • Its plastic is not the best quality

Cascade 300 external filter instructions

Cascade 300 internal filter instructions step by step & best internal aquarium filter penn plax cascade 300 review penn plax cascade 300 submersible aquarium filter instructions below in video

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KEDSUM 70GPH Power Filter Hang-on Aquarium Filter for 20-70 Gallon Tank


KEDSUM 70GPH Power Filter Hang-on Aquarium Filter for 20-70 Gallon Tank

If you are looking for a unique aquarium filtration system then check out this hang on power filter from KEDSUM.

This hang on filter is designed for fish tanks from 20 to 70 gallons. It has a multi-stage filtration system mechanical, chemical and a biological one and it filters up to 70 gallons an hour, for clean, healthy and clear water. It is great for fresh water and saltwater.

The mechanical filtration is performed with the help of the large surface area of the Poly-Foam. In order to get a crystal clear fish tank the activated carbon eliminates odors, discoloration and any unwanted impurities. Its Hi-Flow bio sponge promotes colonization of beneficial bacteria which is vital for a healthy environment.

This 20 gallon fish tank filter has a unique design which filters the fish tank water through a silent and natural waterfall. It is a slim aquarium filter and this option makes it better because it will leave more room in the aquarium for plants and other decorations.

Its patented designs incorporate exclusive features in order to boost the clarity and quality of the water, minimized noise and also increased oxygen levels making it one of the best aquarium filter. In order to get a healthy and clean environment this filter has a much higher flow rate than other filters which ensures a higher dissolved oxygen content and cleaner water. Another unique function of this power filter is the add remove Film function. The internal pump helps reduce noise, eliminates leaks and after cleaning the filter or if a power outage occurs the pump will start up automatically.

This is indeed one of the best filter for aquarium, it is easy to assemble, simple to setup, self-priming, unique design any many other unique features which other competitive aquarium filter brands do not have.

Overall this filter is a must have for those who are in need for a top filter for aquarium.

Pros: 1.Unique design

  1. Unique Features
  2. Good Price
  3. Easy Setup

Cons: 1.Made of plastic


Check out the KEDSUM 70GPH Power Filter Hang-on Aquarium Filter for 20-70 Gallon Tank