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Rio Mini 90 Internal Power Filter for Aquarium

Rio MIni POwer Filter

If you are interested in a small aquarium filter then you can check out this one: Rio Mini Internal Power Filter.

It is a good and inexpensive small fish tank filter, properly for tanks that are up to 40 gallons (perfect for 30-40 gallons). A good thing about it is that is very cheap but resistant
compared with other categories filters that look- a-like. It filters about 85 gallons water per hour. This filter, although seemingly complex, it’s easy to install, also does not consume much energy and it’s a perfect underwater aquarium filter.

Everything you need for installation it’s contained in the kit box. This internal filter aquarium has two internal compartments based sponge filter, but you can replace without any problem one of the compartments filter sponges with charcoal for freshening the water. With more positioning options this filter can be mounted vertically and horizontally in your aquarium, without taking up too much space and without being noisy (efficiently for use in nursery–aquariums type). This product it’s very powerful for its size, it’s also a saltwater fish tank filter and a freshwater fish tank filter. Rio Mini internal power filter comes equipped with a variety of accessories, but some of the most important being a joint in right angle and as well a spherical joint. Water flow that  pump realizes it’s a major one, but can be easily adjusted, depending on tank capacity and the level of filtering that you need or fish that you have on your aquarium.

Overall, this filter is easy to use with interchangeable different options, occupies a small space in the aquarium and it’s inexpensive. You should keep in mind that different media that you will want to change are sold separately and they require also those nylon bags which are also sold separately.

Pros: 1.Cheap

          2.Very Efficient




Check out Rio Mini 90 Internal Power Filter for Aquarium

Power Filters reviews

API SUPERCLEAN Internal Power Filter for Aquarium

API SUPERCLEAN Internal Power Filter for Aquarium


API SUPERCLEAN Internal Power Filter for Aquarium

We all know that is hard to find a suitable power filter for aquarium, let us present one of the best small aquarium filter from API which is one of the best aquarium filter brand in the market.

This aquarium power filter works like a charm on fish tanks that are up to 10 gallon. It’s water flow rate is 45 GPH due to its quiet pump. One of the best aquarium power filter this one clears the water three times faster than any other competitors filters that exist. Also it does not have too much suction for the fish like other filters that are too powerful.

It removes the colors in the water as well as odor and debris. This internal aquarium filter it’s easy to use, very quiet, and requires a little to none maintenance. Due to its compact design this power filter aquarium takes a very insignificant space for your fish. An impressive and particular feature of this small fish filter is that it has ceramic rings for biological filtration.

A good feature of this power filter for fish tank is that you will not need to remove it from your fish tank when you want to change the cartridge. This freshwater aquarium filter works just as great for saltwater aquariums. It has the capability to self-prime and you will notice that it will install itself in moments. This 10 gallon fish tank filter system comes with an extra feature which is an optional flow diverter that increases the circulation and aeration in your fish tank.

If you are looking for a good fish tank filter that keeps your water crystal clear, healthy and it is  quiet you should give this a try.


1. Low Price

  1. Keeps the water crystal clear
  2. Very low Maintenance


1. After a while the filter can become noisy