Up To 55 Gallon Tank Power Filter – Model 55 For Fresh Water Aquariums, Saltwater Aquariums, Aquaculture, Terrariums & Hydroponic Systems Up to 55 Gallons In Size

Up To 55 Gallon Tank Power Filter - Model 55 For Fresh Water Aquarium

This 55 gallon fish tank filter is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish tanks. This fish tank filter system is very efficient.

It comes with a 3 stage filtration system, chemical, biological and mechanical. The first stage is mechanical which possesses and advanced multi- layer poly-fiber floss traps micro & macro organic particles and foreign debris. The second stage is chemical, in this stage the super activated carbon absorbs all the dissolved contaminants that are in the water such as discoloration, toxins and odor. And the last stage is the biological one, its Hi-Flow bio-sponge improves colonization of beneficial bacteria leaving room for a healthy environment and crystal clear water for your fish to enjoy.

One of the best power filter for aquarium this filter traps macro and micro organic particles and foreign debris. Its biological sponge promotes beneficial bacteria colonization. It has a double filtration capacity due to its dual slotted filter body.

A great option for this filter is that it has and adjustable flow, meaning that you can use it for smaller aquariums, not only for 55 gallon aquariums. It is easy to setup and maintain. It is very quiet and powerful.

Overall, this is one of the best aquarium filter for large tanks, keeps the water crystal clear, it has an advanced multi-stage filtration system which will protect the environment in the fish tank, and its motor in very quiet.

Pros: 1.Keeps the water crystal clear

         2.Very Quiet

  1. Great Multi-Stage Filtration System

         4.Adustable Water Flow

Cons : 1.Does not Come with instructions


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